The breakfast includes homemade cottage cheese with fresh cream, cheese, sliced ham, homemade dried sausages, homemade dried pork loin, free-range eggs from our chickens fried on wild boar lard, various homemade jams and marmalades, homemade honey, butter and bread. Refresh yourself with hot coffee, tea or homemade elderflower and raspberries juice.
Homemade dried sausages are made from selected meat of wild boar and deer which certainly provide a special aroma. Smoked and dried in a natural and traditional way.
Homemade dried pork loin is a traditional Croatian dish.
Delicious jams and marmalades made by grandma Sonja are prepared without any preservatives and are made from old sorts of plums and apples while the elderberry jam is made from berries harvested in the wild, far from civilization.
Homemade honey is collected from bee hives on our land.
A healthy way to start the day. Don’t miss it!

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